An Introduction to Almanar University of the Rocky Mountains

(Note: Almanar University gratefully acknowledges that this blog post has been generously sponsored by the Denver Airport limousine service).

 Almanar University of the Rocky Mountains is a new idea in adult education. We are an entirely on-line school of learning with no physical campus, but with offices in Denver, Colorado, at the eastern edge of the Rocky Mountains.

Almanar University is the brainchild of Angus Hotchkins, formerly chair of the philosophy department of the University of Colorado.

Professor Hotchkins had felt the need for many years for some kind of institution that could bring the light of philosophy from the ivory tower to busy people involved in real life in the real world.

People like that, he knew, would have no time to visit a campus to attend lectures; they would have to be engaged with where they were: out in the world.

Until recent years there was no practical way to do that, but by about fifteen years ago the internet had developed to such a state that it suddenly offered an avenue that had never been there before.



Thus is was the Almanar University was launched.

The official launch took place in 2003, and growth was very slow at first: in our first year of operation we had a total of only 300 students.

But then, after the financial crisis of 2008, the University began to really take off: we had more than 3,000 students enrolled that year in a wide range of different liberal arts courses.

And now, in 2016, we have a total of 9,500 students enrolled, from more than sixty countries around the world.

Professor Angus Hotchkins, unfortunately, passed away last year. But he has been replaced by Professor Jeffrey Gonzales, who was for many years the head of the philosophy department at Denver University.

We have, at this moment, 17 professors on staff. And we have plans to expand that number considerably as the reputation of Almanar University continues to spread. also while your here call for a luxury rid with Fox Denver Airport Limo.